The King of Parks

2014-08-22 21.06.05

If you live in Dallas and have not been to this park, you’re missing out! Really, if you live anywhere and haven’t visited this park, you should! Any guesses on where this is? This is one of mine and Fletcher’s favorite places to go; Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas. It is seriously the best. Equipped with a dog park, food trucks, drinks, and great fun! Depending on the weekend or the day you visit Klyde Warren, there may even be live music. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion it’s the perfect place. Summer is meant for water, good drinks, good food, and spending time with your adorable pup. This park is totally dog friendly and believe me, your furry friend will LOVE it! There are always kids willing to run your pup around and wear him out till he can’t run anymore. For me, that’s great because I don’t have kids to do that at home. So any extra energy we can get rid of is awesome! One of my favorite things about Klyde Warren Park is the diversity. Whether you want to get dressed up and go have a nice patio dinner, or run around sweaty and wet from the water, Klyde Warren is your place. As mentioned previously, there is a restaurant as well as food trucks, so take your pick and dig in. You’re sure to find some yummy treats out here.

Last but not least; the beloved water spouts that shoot up from the ground. Yes, pictured above Fletcher is playing in the children’s water spouts, but the park is so laid back that everyone loves it and he has a ton of fun! The water stays on and does not turn off at a certain time, which is nice in my opinion. No ones rushing you out of the park, there’s always some form of life! Which makes for a great atmosphere. So if you’re looking for something fun to do in Dallas this weekend, this is the place to be! Load up your pooch, get dressed up (or just go grungy) totally okay; and enjoy! The food trucks will be there on Saturday from 11-3- but if you miss those don’t worry! There’s always Savor; and its delicious. I’ve included a link below of all the fun things Klyde Warren is offering this weekend, check it out! I think it’s the perfect place to spend the weekend, especially as Summer nears it’s end! Enjoy! One more thing, if you would like to help keep this awesome place fun, safe, and clean for pups and our humans- you can donate on September 18. Make a donation of $25 or more to the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation of Texas. You can donate here

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