You Are What You Eat



Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat?” You’re probably thinking, yeah of course I’ve heard that. The whole world has, but what does that have to do with a dog. Well the same saying goes for them. I have now owned a puppy for 5 months, and it’s been great. If you’re anything like me you probably treat your four legged fur friend like a child. I don’t have any kids (yet) so I love treating Fletcher like he’s my little child. Weird I know. Since I’ve gotten Fletcher we’ve gone through some allergy issues. Some minor and some major. But who likes to see their pup suffer in any form(minor or major.) We tried the vet, we tried creams and sprays, and we tried the dose of Benadryl. BTW unless you’re just trying to get rid of Benadryl for some odd reason, I do not recommend it for your pup. It doesn’t really take away any of the allergies or symptoms, so in my opinion I just felt like I was giving Fletch unnecessary medicine. So back to my statement “You are what you eat.” Prior to owning a dog with allergies I did not realize how many bad things there were in generic food brands. There are so many dyes, artificial flavorings, and substances that really aren’t good for your pup. Just like us, they need natural and healthy diets. And that is how our journey of finding the PERFECT food started.

I was tired of seeing him suffer, didn’t want to spend $400 dollars at the vet again, and decided to do some research. All these words that I obviously had no idea what they meant; I spent a lot of time looking things up if you hadn’t already gathered that. One word that I kept hearing and seeing was Holistic. A lot of you probably know all about Holistic foods and where to purchase them, or even which ones are better than others. Me on the other hand, I did not. So again I started googling(in my opinion almost everything is worth a google), asking fellow dog owners, and looking at where I could buy these Holistic products. Holistic is basically just a fancy term for all natural. Which was what we were looking for! So I did my research found out what I wanted, and what I didn’t want. Now we had to find a feed store in Dallas. In my head I thought, “this is crazy, I pretty much live in downtown Dallas and I’m supposed to find a feed store?” It actually wasn’t that hard, and I am SO glad that I googled it and found one! You know that saying, “Sometimes you don’t even know what’s in your own backyard?” Yeah, that applies to me all the time! Dallas is amazing, and has all these hidden little secrets. Like mine and Fletcher’s new favorite pet supplies store. If you haven’t been to Hollywood Feed I would highly recommend it. It’s located right off of The Dallas North Tollway and Lovers. I spend a ton of time over there and have never seen this little gem of a place! So back to food! I loaded Fletcher up a few Sunday’s ago, and off we went to Hollywood Feed. The people who work there are great! They are knowledgeable, helpful, and so sweet to your pets! I’m big on asking questions, so I probably asked the poor girl 50 questions at least, and she had a knowledgeable answer each time. Which is always a good sign. She went through all the holistic brands with me, telling me what was in each, and what would be beneficial in our case. I gave her all my criteria; which is a lot I might add, and she found us the perfect food. Just a few things that I recommend taking out of your furry friends diet, whether they have allergies or not; chicken, grain, rice, and anything artificially colored. We finally settled on a huge bag of food, a little pricey ($75), but totally worth it. We ended up going with Fromm (Lamb and Lentil.) It met all my criteria, and then some. Something I love about Hollywood Feed is that when you buy a product, you’re not always sure your pup will like it. They aren’t able to really tell us at the store if they like it or not, so Hollywood Feed allows you to pay for the food, or item, and bring it back if your pup won’t touch it. I think that’s a great feature and something every pet store should do! We also cut out a lot of treats that have these ingredients in them, I like to feed Fletch blueberries or carrots as a treat. He loves them and will pretty much bow down to you for them.

Every now and then we get a fancy treat, but for the most part we keep it simple. I’ve loved the change we made in his diet, and I can tell he is much healthier. No more scratching and itching profusely, and that is always good! So take a trip to Hollywood Feed, it will not disappoint. Their website is listed below, as well as some other healthy products I like to use! Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram and check out all our fun pictures. Let us know what you thought about our first post by liking, sharing, and commenting!

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