A Pups Paradise

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If you’re anything like me, or most of the dog owners out there; it’s hard leaving your pup at home all day. If it were up to me I would just stay home all day, visit all the best dog parks, all the best patios, etc. BUT- that’s not how the world works. We’re required to have jobs, and responsibilities, and all these grown up chores that require us to spend a lot of time away from home- and our furry friends! And that’s normal, I mean almost everyone in the world has a job, and that’s just how it goes. But hold on, that doesn’t mean our pups have to stay locked up in a metal cage all day. When pups are younger, it’s hard to leave them out. They are like little toddlers, and get into EVERYTHING. Like my favorite rug; which is currently living in the dumpster now, instead of my living room. I mean even when your dog gets a little older, and he’s fine to stay home alone it’s still no fun leaving them ALL day long. Maybe you’re lucky enough to be able to go home on your lunch break, or have a short day of work. But for those of us who work all day, Doggy Daycare is the new and happening thing! Yeah it’s crazy, and probably sounds a little weird. You’re totally right- I agree that it’s weird. But it’s such an awesome option. Just the other day I spent three hours searching around Dallas for the perfect Doggy Daycare. I wanted a place that had water outside, indoor play, lots of staff, somewhere Fletcher wasn’t afraid to go in, and my list goes on and on. Fletch and I visited a few, but I wasn’t sold on any of them.

Then we visited Dallas Pet Resort; yes it is actually like a resort. So much fun! I’m not that person that sends my pup to daycare every single day (I would if I could), but I do like to take him a few times a week. He gets to socialize with other dogs, gets loved on all day, and doesn’t have to be locked up. It’s just so hard for me shoving him in that cage as he fights me to get in-so we do daycare a few times a week and it really works for us! Dallas Pet Resort has some awesome qualities- a few that I love( you can watch your pup on your phone, they are a 24 hour facility, and there is a water park for the pups.) You’re probably wondering about prices, and here they are! Those are just the top three things that I love! For me the 24 hour quality is awesome! Aside from my top three favorites, it’s just a really well kept and professional place. I have to be at work at 7:30 and it’s hard to find places that are open before seven-at DPR I can drop off whenever and it’s free of charge! Oh, one more perk I almost forgot to mention; if you’re running late in traffic or stuck in a meeting- don’t rush! Dallas Pet Resort allows you to pick up your pet at any time, free of charge. So take your time! I’m all about saving a little extra money whenever I can so the complimentary drop off and pick up times are awesome! So, if you’re in need of an awesome daycare for your pooch, check out Dallas Pet Resort. I’m sure it will not disappoint, and even if it’s not for you- I’ve included a few links of some of our other favorite daycare facilities. And believe me when I say “We’ve tried quite a few.”Ā 

Photo taken on my iPhone-Fletcher riding around Dallas to find the perfect pup paradise! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram. You don’t want to miss out on all the adventures of Fletch! Follow us @fletcherthegoldendood, or just click here. We love new followers and furrrrever friends!!

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4 thoughts on “A Pups Paradise

  1. Oh, how I wish we had this option where I live! It would help me to not get so worried about my dog when I have to leave her at home!
    Thanks for the follow on my blog, by the way! It’s always nice to see a new follower notification. I loved getting to see all the pictures of your golden doodle! So adorable.
    Have an awesome weekend!


    • You should look into it! I am not sure where you live, but it is becoming very popular. Hope you are able to find an alternative to leaving your pup, Fletcher and I both know that’s no fun! Thanks for the comment and feedback šŸ™‚


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