Bon Voyage

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There’s nothing better than taking a trip somewhere. Maybe you like the beach, maybe the mountains; wherever you are thinking about traveling don’t forget about your fur baby! I love to travel, even if it’s just for a weekend or a few days. It’s always nice to get away, but if you’re anything like us- you probably want to take your pet with you. That’s totally fine! There are a ton of resources, websites, and tips for traveling with your pets. I recently stumbled upon a website called, check it out here! Whether you’re planning on driving in your car, going by train, or flying, this website has it all. From pet friendly hotels, what you will need if you are taking your pet out of the country, and even products to help make your life easier. If you are planning to go overseas with your furry friend, some places require a pet passport. I was not aware of this, but pet travel will tell you all about it! Something I love about their website is that each day they feature different things to help you make your traveling easier. Like today, there are multiple hotels in all different states and areas that are pet friendly. Finding a place to stay with your pet is one of the biggest factors in traveling with your pup, so for pet owners this is an awesome factor!

If you like to shop for your pet, you have to check out their online store! It’s filled with travel essentials that will help make traveling with your pets a little less stressful! Some pets do not mind traveling, others get nervous and upset, pet travel has all the essentials to help keep your fur baby happy. Check out their store here! Last but not least- when you arrive at your destination you’re going to want to have some fun! Maybe grab some dinner, head to the beach, or even do some shopping. One of my favorite apps to use when I’m out of town is Bring Fido. Fletcher and I recently took a trip to California, and this app saved our lives. I was able to take him everywhere. It’s amazing how many places are dog friendly, you just have to know where to look! Above is the link to their website, but I like to download it on my iPhone so I can use it on the go. It’s equipped with dog friendly restaurants, parks, beaches, and events. Just put in your zip code, and BAM. It instantly pulls up all the dog friendly places right in your area. So remember, whether you’re going over sea or just doing some domestic travel- it’s always good to be prepared. Check out pet and our favorite travel app Bring Fido. Safe travels to you and your pets!

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Here are some of our other favorite websites for traveling with pets! Check them out. Also, always be on the lookout for new traveling apps in the app store, there are a lot of resourceful apps that make traveling with your pet even more fun than it already is!

13 thoughts on “Bon Voyage

  1. Great post, thanks! And to sbear2014, I have a doodle dude from Cynthia at One of a Kind Goldendoodles, also. Dug is 7 months old and training to take over for my service dog Luke when he retires next year. πŸ™‚


      • Cool, yeah – we have a Goldendoodle named Kinsler (who used to play for the Texas Rangers). Used to live in the Lakewood area of Dallas but live in The Woodlands now. We have family up there and take the pups all the time. I was just curious because Fletcher is so darn handsome and looks like some of her pups. She’s a wonderful breeder, I’d highly recommend working with her if you ever want to expand your doodle family. πŸ™‚

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      • Wow how cool! We live about five minutes from Lakewood and love the area. My family is actually in the Houston area, Tomball to be specific. Thank you for your sweet comments about Fletcher, he’s the best. I will definitely be looking to get one soon, I want a little buddy for him!


      • Small world! I have some pics of my pup on a post called “feeling good”. She doesn’t really have a proper doodle cut since we normally cut her like a poodle. I need to find a groomer who can get her doodle cut right now that it’s cooling off a bit. Here is Cynthia ‘ s website: Cannot say enough about how wonderful she and her pups are! I want to get another doodle, too! It’s so much fun watching two doodles play together. It’s almost like dancing rather than playing, they just get each other!

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  2. We love traveling with our doodle! She’s an amazing companion on the road and love exploring, makes it so much fun to experience new adventures with my best (furry) friend/baby love. πŸ™‚


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