Sweet Treats and Barkeries

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I always love getting my pup a new toy, treat, or in some cases even a new outfit. Growing up my sisters and I used to dress our little Boston Terrier (Roxi) all the time. She was small enough where we could just force her, she didn’t really have a choice. Poor dog. Well with Fletcher, I can’t really dress him, he’s too big! So I love getting him fancy treats or the newest and coolest toys. Now don’t just think that what I’m about to tell you is ONLY in Dallas, these places are everywhere and all you have to do is google it. How easy is that? So I’m going to show you three of our favorite Barkeries or Bakeries- whichever you prefer. I happen to think Barkery is adorable so we use that term. If you live in Dallas, or even if you don’t- you can probably find one of these awesome places in your area. Ours is called The Pooch Patio. This is an awesome little place! Their bakery is not huge, but they do offer a variety of different treats, and let me add- they are always so cute. They almost look as if we could eat them instead of our pups! Here is a link of all the special made treats they offer for you and your pet. Now here is the best part- wait for it. The Pooch Patio also offers birthday parties for your pet as well as a beer and wine bistro-which is also dog friendly! Their drinks are all named and created after dog breeds, names, etc. It’s so fun, and a great little outing. Last but not least they do offer daycare. Fletcher has been before, and enjoyed it! Just a little far for us, so we chose a different place for him to go daily.

Our next Barkery is one of Fletcher’s personal favorites. Three Dog Bakery, there are a couple locations in the DFW area. One in Southlake (our personal favorite, and then the other is in Plano.) They are both amazing! Every time we have been to visit, Fletcher gets to try multiple treats, all healthy I might add. The staff is great, and they love to love on your pup. They even take your pups picture and if you’re super lucky, it might make it to the Three Dog Bakery Facebook page. So not only does your pup get to sample fantastic and fun treats, he might even get to be a Facebook star. This Barkery offers all natural and freshly baked treats. One of our personal favorites are these! Like I mentioned before, they look so good even a human could eat them. We’re all about the sweets in our house, so we love the strawberry flavor as well as anything vanilla! We highly recommend trying them. On top of the adorable and natural treats Three Dog Bakery also offers natural food- dry food and wet food. So if you’re feeling furry, head on over to Three Dog Bakery and try out some of their awesome products.

Last but not least- Healthy Hound Bakery! The best part about this wonderful place, is you can order everything online. This one is not in DFW, so friends wherever you’re reading from, you can head on over to Healthy Hound Bakery and place an order online today. We love that aspect of Healthy Hound. They are also extremely organized, they have treats for every holiday, event, or day you could ever imagine. We will definitely be buying Fletch lots of things from here when Christmas rolls around. There isn’t much better than Christmas and an adorable dog bakery in my opinion. Here is a link to some of their holiday treats, just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving! Okay, okay we’re almost done talking about treats and bakeries. Just bear with me, one last thing. Your pet deserves a special little something on their birthday, just like us humans do- and what better way to show your fur friend you care than a birthday cake! Yep, that’s right, they make the best cakes for pups. You have to check them out. Maybe your fur friends birthday is right around the corner, well here you go. They are sure to love these healthy and all natural cakes! Not to mention they look like they are made for us. So there you have it. There are so many fun places out there that offer the best products. I only scratched the surface, but now you know! So head on over to your local bakery today, or place an order online at Healthy Hound Bakery. You will not be disappointed.

Pictured above: one of Fletcher’s first trips to Three Dog Bakery with his buddy Annabelle.

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