Australian_Cattle_Dog_puppy_mascotHey there friends! It’s Wednesday, half way through the week. We love when we get half way through the week because that means we’re so close to the weekend. And who doesn’t love the weekends? Today I wanted to talk about something that I think is so cool. I swear these days there is a “national day” for everything. There is national dog day, national cupcake day, there’s probably even a national take a shower day. That was just a guess, so don’t hold me to that. Also, if you did not know this, there are also national months. There are months that raise awareness for diseases, there are months that fundraise for disabilities for humans as well as dogs, and then there is a month dedicated to being a responsible dog owner. Can you guess what month that is? That’s right, you got it- September is National Be a Responsible Dog Owner month. I LOVE that there is a month for this, because in my opinion there are way to many pet owners who are just not cut out to have a pet. Harsh but true. I hate to liken owning a pet to having a child, but it’s in that same category. A pet is a huge responsibility. They need love, care, medicine, and many other things. Just like humans do. Yes, they are a little easier to maintain than a child, but again- they do require effort. So with September being Responsible Pet Owner month, we are going to share some tips on how to be more responsible when caring for your pet. You can never have to much knowledge- when it comes to your pet, or any other topic! So sit back, start reading, and take it in.

1. Following the rules- it means exactly what it says. When you take your pup to the park, make sure you pick up his or her waste. If the sign says, leashed dogs only; they mean that for your pets safety. So don’t ignore the signs. I know it’s tempting to let your dog off the leash, especially when he’s trained off the leash. But I promise that the sign is there for a reason.

2. Limit- make sure that you are getting your pets spayed and neutered. There is such a huge problem with an over abundance of pets. A majority of them are living on the streets or in horrible conditions. The only way we will ever get rid of this problem is by taking care of the issue-spay and neuter your pet! It is the responsible thing to do, even though it can be a pain! I know the cone of shame is no fun for your pet to wear, and the surgery is expensive. BUT I bet a lot of you did not know that most ASPCA Societies do spay and neuter surgeries for free if you have proof that you live in that county. It is a great alternative to spending $300 plus dollars at your vet. Here is the link for more information on that!

3.This ones simple- make sure your fur baby has clean water and healthy food. This is something that really prolongs our pets lives and is easy and quick for us humans. So why wouldn’t we want to do this? Here are some great healthy food brands, it just depends on what your pet needs. Fromm, Merrick, Canidae, and Blue Buffalo. We personally enjoy Fromm Lamb and Lentil. I also like to go the extra mile and wash Fletchers’ food and water bowl at least every other day. They get grimy and gross, and who wants to eat or drink from dirty bowls? That’s doggone gross!

4. Make sure you are taking care of your pups skin and fur. Think about everything they get into. They lay on the ground in public places, roll in grass, and are constantly getting dirty. Just imagine if humans did that and never took care of themselves. Bathing and brushing are very important. There are a lot of awesome products out there to help with the maintenance of your pets fur and skin. We like to use Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner. It works amazing and really moisturizes your pets skin. You can find it at almost any pet store. We just enjoy this brand, found at Petsmart. Another product I love for Fletcher are Pet Wipes. This brand is one of my favorites because there are no chemicals, it is all natural and completely healthy and safe for your pup! They also have some other really great products, take a look around and see what might work for you and your pet.

5. Exercise! It’s good for everyone. Humans and pets, so make sure your pup is getting plenty of exercise. Depending on the breed of your dog and his or her age, plan their exercise accordingly. A 9 year old dog does not need as much exercise as a 3 year old dog. So use your judgement, and if you’re not sure consult your vet or the internet. I try to take Fletcher to the park every other day just for socialization and exercise. With the weather being so hot, we don’t stay long. So 15-20 minutes is plenty for your pup, especially if they are getting other forms of exercise throughout the day. An app that I love to use for park trips is Dog Park Finder Plus. It is $1.99 in the app store and works on Apple and Android devices. Having your go to park is great, but spice it up and take your pet somewhere new if you have some extra time to explore!

6. Last and surely not least, keep your pet happy. A lot of people think, “Oh he’s just a dog he doesn’t need to go for car rides, or he doesn’t need much to be happy.” To a certain extent this is true, but remember that you are all your dog has. From the time you leave your pup in the morning, to the time you walk in the door, he or she is eagerly awaiting your arrival. So just because you may be tired from a long day at the office, remember, YOU are all they have. So love them, care for them, and spend time with them. Give them the attention they need, and your pup is sure to be “mans best friend.” Or in my case, “woman’s best friend.”

There are so many easy and fun ways to be a responsible pet owner. It doesn’t have to be a chore, and if it is you should not own a pet. It is a privilege not a right to be a pet owner. So treat it in that aspect, and you and your fur baby will be much happier. Don’t forget to leave us some feedback and tell us how you make being a responsible pet owner fun!

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  3. I never understand why people don’t enjoy walking their dogs – Choppy loves it (for our evening walk, she shows up in my office long before it is time to go, lest I forget), and it is a great chance to get out of the house (even in winter, though I admit it is not as much fun in winter). I recently started listening to books on tape while we walk, and Choppy has reaped the benefits of me wanting to spend “just another chapter” on our walks.


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