Let’s Make It Official

2014-09-06 18.42.07securedownloadFresh 'n_Minty_12x16

Recently I have found some really neat and exciting things on the internet. One of my favorite websites is dogster.com because there is always a heartfelt story or new product to try out. It features everything from hilarious photos and inspiring stories, to reviews on veterinarian clinics and more. One of my recent treasures I found on dogster is My Happy Park. The name of the website may be a little deceiving. This website doesn’t feature parks and playgrounds but is actually quite the opposite. My Happy Park is a fun little place where you can create a birth certificate or adoption certificate for your pup. These aren’t just any certificates either! They are top of the line, fashionable certificates. What better way to say “Welcome to the family” than a certificate that’s all their own! The best part about these certificates is you get to choose what you want yours to look like. You’re able to choose from twelve different templates and they all have a different feel and style to them. No matter which certificate you end up choosing, I’m sure it will look fabulous! So, with the holidays right around the corner, maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for your dog lovin’ friend. My Happy Park offers the beautiful certificates framed or not framed. We will definitely be ordering a certificate for Fletcher and our personal favorites are Dapper Dog and Fresh n’ Minty in case Fletcher’s grandparents named Lolly and Pop are reading. We’re still a little conflicted on which one to choose, so we’ll let you know when we decide so maybe it will be a surprise. I hope you all get one of these fabulous certificates under the tree this year as well!

Head on over to My Happy Park today to get your little sheet of happy or better yet have your pups grandparents read my blog and you’re sure to get one! They won’t be able to resist.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Make It Official

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    Just found this gem on The Golden Dood. Cute little feature that lets you create a birth certificate or adoption certificate for your pup! Check dogster.com and The Golden Dood on WordPress.


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