Meet Doug the Doodle

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Hi everyone! So starting today, and every Wednesday from now on The Golden Dood will be featuring one of our favorite pets. We decided to start doing this so that you can see other pups from different areas, and hear a little bit about their lives. We love getting to know new friends, so our weekly feature allows us to do that (and share it with you.) This week we will be featuring Doug. Doug is one of Fletchers great friends, and we love him to death. Here is a little bit about Doug and his life.

1. How did you and your pup come to be a pair or dynamic duo?

Doug and I became a pair because I had trained fletcher for my daughter while she was finishing up her bachelors degree and I fell in love with the goldendoodle breed so I had to have one. As soon as my daughter took Fletcher for good I was so upset and missed him so much that I immediately started looking to get one. I was a little obsessed, or at least that’s what my family tells me. So I found a breeder, Lonestar Doodles out of the DFW area and went to meet Doug. Since then we have been inseparable. 

2. How old is your pup and what breed is he?

Doug is 5 months old and is a goldendoodle. 

3. What are some of your pups favorite things to do? Feel free to include certain hang out spots, etc. 

Doug loves to learn tricks, play at the park with new and old friends, play with his toys and go for car rides. He also loves to follow his mommy everywhere. He’s very active but also will lay down and take a rest if I want him too.

4. How do you keep your pet active and still manage to get things done?

I’ve raised three children so keeping Doug active while also running my own business and keeping up with my home are just natural to me. I don’t take life too seriously and if there are dishes in the sink overnight I just don’t stress about it. I would rather enjoy the moment than worry about chores that need done.

5. What are a few of your favorite pet products and why? 

My favorite pet products are antlers for sure. They even come in round, easy to chew on shapes now. They keep Doug occupied for a long time and are also very good for getting plaque off the teeth of an older dog. My favorite homemade product is an empty water bottle with some treats inside wrapped in a sock. This is another toy Doug loves and this one will keep him occupied for the longest time. Make sure to remove the cap.

6. If your pet could be one super hero who would it be and why? 

If Doug could be one super hero I think he would be Jesus. He has unconditional love for everyone and he never met a stranger. He loves all humans and all animals and he just lights up whenever he sees anyone. he’s the true definition of love.
7. What are a few of your favorite things about your pet?

I love Doug’s kisses, how he is always so excited to see me when I get home, and how he loves to cuddle. We’re big cuddlers in our home! 

Isn’t Doug adorable? He’s a ball of fun, energy, and love. What more could you want in a pup? Doug is currently on Instagram and we love to follow along with all of his adventures as he frolics around Houston. If you would like to see more of Doug, here is the link to his Instagram. We hope you enjoyed our first weekly feature! There will be plenty more to come. If you know a furry friend who would like to be featured contact The Golden Dood at photo.PNG-3 photo.PNG-4

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