Au Natural


Hi friends! It’s been a while since we have posted, but life gets crazy and that happens. We hope you are all doing well. Today we’re going to just do a quick little post on a natural remedy that we have been using lately- and we love it. Fletcher, for some reason or another, has some allergies and issues. We aren’t sure exactly what he is allergic to, but we are working on figuring that out. However, in the mean time it has been somewhat stressful. I don’t know if you have ever had a pet with allergies, but it is no fun. There is constant scratching, licking, biting, etc. We even got lucky enough to have an ear infection on top of all of these things. One thing that really bothers Fletcher are his paws. Which makes total sense. Our pups are naked in a way. They don’t wear shoes, socks, or clothes. So they are constantly exposed to everything. Something I have learned recently- a dogs feet is the only place he sweats from. So that moisture mixed with all the grass, pesticides, chemicals, water, etc- can really bother your pet. It works like this, their feet pick up all these allergens and they begin to itch and lick them. When our pets our licking their feet ( this is where the problem starts) they then begin to spread these allergens to the rest of their body. Pups love to lick all over, so this is only natural. They don’t realize they are spreading allergens to their fur and skin. Now I’m not saying this is what causes your pet to itch all the time, but what I am saying is this- by taking care of their paws and keeping them free of allergens, we can at least eliminate that issue. 

So how do you do that? You’re probably saying, “How am I supposed to keep my pet out of grass?” I know it sounds crazy, right? It is, but keeping your pet out of the grass is not the solution. That’s impossible, so we’re going to share something that’s a little more doable that we think works great. Head on over to your local Walgreens or CVS and pick up some Iodine. It will be located with the peroxide and alcohol. We use Betadine solution, a type of Iodine. If you don’t know where to find this ask the pharmacist or someone who is working in the store. While you’re out you might as well pick up some chamomile tea bags. I know I know, bear with me. This all sounds really weird and kinda crazy- but it helps. The iodine is non burning, non stinging, and it kills all fungus and bacteria. Okay, once you have your products head on home. Depending on the size of your pup, you can do this in different places. Fletcher is the size of a small horse so I just use my tub, if you have a small pup feel free to use your sink. What’s next- fill up your tub or sink with just enough water where your pet can stand in the water and have his or her paws covered. I recommend warm water, it is more soothing. As the tub is filling up, begin to squirt your Iodine into the water. You don’t want to add to much or to little- so here’s the trick (when your water is the color of iced tea then you can stop adding Iodine.) It’s going to look weird and maybe even a little gross, but it doesn’t stain your tub or your pets feet. Which is a plus. Next, add your tea bags. Maybe 2-3 tea bags depending on how irritated your pets paws are. Get them moist and squeeze them so they are soaking into the water. Turn on your water again, and let it all mix together. Now here’s the fun part, grab your pet and stand him in the Iodine filled water for 30 seconds to a few minutes. It can’t hurt your pet, so if you want them to stand in the water a little longer, that’s great too! Wahlaaa, you’re done. Pat your pets paws dry, and that’s it. You just killed all the fungus and bacteria that was bothering your pet. I think this is a cheap and safe way to keep your pet healthy. Even if your furry friend isn’t experiencing discomfort, maybe do this once every couple of weeks just to stay on top of things! It’s a simple little foot soak for your pup. We hope you will try this, because we love it! Just think of it as a puppy pedicure ( kind of.) Happy Tuesday friends!

14 thoughts on “Au Natural

    • Yes I changed Fletcher’s food also just in case it was that. I think that the soak would help a ton! I mean if your pup is itching and biting at his paws, this will kill all the bacteria and allergens! It cannot hurt your pup so I would definitely give it a try. Something I do for ear infections that is cheaper than the vet- get a spray bottle and fill it with 50% alcohol and 50% peroxide. And spray in the ears 1-2 times a day. This will kill any bacteria in the ears or infection. I did it with fletcher and didn’t have to take him to the vet. I have a friend who is a vet- and this is what he recommended, and it worked wonders and was a ton cheaper.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Bayley doesn’t have any problems yet, but I will file this for future reference. I’m also going to try out your pumpkin cookies. My bear die, Mayzie, is on a no salt diet for her heart. Do you think I can just omit the salt?


  2. My dog used to pick up mites in the grass and it is quite common – rather than iodine you can also use Dettol not sure if available in the States. It is an antiseptic was for wounds. Mites hate it – dilute one capful in a cup of warm water and dip each paw working between the toes. It works in a couple of days. The itching in their paws makes them scratch everywhere and pass the mites on including into the ears which then leads to the infection.


  3. we use betadine too, but not as a footbath. I will try it, think it sounds good. do you think it will work when we use such a paw cleaning pot ( the mispurchase of the century) and do it with every single paw (Easy avoids the bathtub like the plague).


    • I would definitely give it a try! Another way you can do it is to make the solution in a bowl, get a clean rag and soak the rag till it is dripping wet. Wring out the rag and then wrap your pups paws one by one. This takes a little bit longer, but if Easy is scared of the tub, this might be the way to go for you and your pup 🙂


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