A Helping Paw

©Dog is GoodGoogle, Google, Google! I promise you when you spend as much time as I do on Google, or really just the internet- you find some really neat things! Today we’re going to share something really special with you guys. We think that this is an awesome program, so much so that we got in touch with the one who started it all. We asked a few questions, and really learned a lot about The BOLO Project. I will let Gila explain to you what they do, but in short here it is – The BOLO project is designed to train puppies to be seeing eye dogs. They go through a year long program, and I think it’s a really great cause. Here is a little bit about what we learned!

1. How was Dog Is Good/ The Bolo project started?
​ I was approached by the director of philanthropic giving for Leader Dogs for the Blind. He presented an opportunity for me to raise a puppy for a year for the Leader Dog program. With my background as a professional dog trainer, I knew what would be required to train and socialize a young puppy over the course of a year. I was up to the task of training but I also saw it as an opportunity to do something greater than myself that could have a lasting impact. After much consideration, I decided to journey from CA to MI to meet the young puppy who would become BOLO.​

And who was a part of this process?
​ The entire Dog is Good team was part of the process. Although I was the “head trainer”, everyone participated in raising BOLO. BOLO spent her days with us at work. Team members were focused on marketing and promoting the project to raise awareness for the role of service dogs and the Leader Dogs for the Blind organization specifically. During the day, staff at Dog is Good assisted with her daily care and were an integral part in planning and participating in fundraising events.

2. Why was this website started primarily?
​ In addition to raising money, a main objective was to educate others on the process of taking a puppy from birth to a client. We wanted to share the work that these magnificent animals do- changing lives forever. We also wanted to bring attention to the Leader Dogs for the Blind organization. Everyone there is so committed to changing lives.​

3. What was/is your main goal with The Bolo project and any of your other fundraising events/ why?

​ Being socially responsible is a major guiding principle in the Dog is Good business. Our objective with fundraising efforts is to involve others in the process, provide education and create awareness for the organizations we support. We do this to make a difference and we collaborate with others because it helps everyone.​

4. How long has Dog Is Good been operating?

We started Dog is Good in 2007 but officially launched at a trade show in the fall of 2008.​


5.If you could describe Dog Is Good in one word what word would that be?
​ Dogvergnugen ( its how great you feel when you are with or thinking about Dog.)​

6. Under events on your website there are so many featured, can you tell us a little bit about a few of them ( Bolo’s first Thanksgiving, Bolo gets time off, Bolo’s first time in the Ocean.)

​ Everyday with BOLO was an adventure. She had many firsts and we enjoyed celebrating them.. BOLO spent Thanksgiving with our family​ enjoying a walk along the beach and then hanging out in our local downtown area. BOLO enjoyed travelling during her year from us and adapted brilliantly to everything from plane rides, to bus rides, to boat rides. She joined me at retail shows and at trade shows. She had a ball the first time she discovered the ocean- taking to it quite naturally.

7. What is one thing that you want viewers to take away from Dog Is Good?

​ That it is our mission to deliver Dogvergnugen through our products ( t​hat is, reminding people how great they feel when with their dog) and that we are committed to being a force for good and look to support “people helping dogs helping people”.

If there is any additional information you would like to add to the post, feel free. These are just some basic questions we wanted to ask to get to know a little bit more about what you are doing at Dog Is Good. Feel free to share as much as you would like. We love learning more about companies and how they are helping the pet community, especially those pets that are changing their communities.

​ Our next project will be focused on service dogs helping service members: Dog is Good for Patriots. We will create a line for this and will create awareness, raise funds, involve others, and spend our year focused on the amazing work dogs do to help veterans suffering from PTSD.

Thank you so much for your focus on this subject and for taking time to learn about Dog is Good.

Kind Regards, Gila

I always love a good story, especially one that involves pets that are changing lives! I think a lot of times we overlook just how needed animals are. This was a great little reminder of just how life changing our pets can be. Also, we’re really excited to see how Dog Is Good for Patriots turns out, what an awesome cause. If you would like to get involved or even make a donation check it out today! To learn more about Dog Is Good and all of their projects, head on over to the website and browse around! They sell awesome products and have a lot of neat information, you won’t regret it!

©Dog is Good

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