Hidden Treasure


Here are a few products that Fletcher and I have our eye on. We’ve found this wonderful new website called Doggy Loot. They have all the best products, and the design of their website is adorable! Head on over today to find a few products that you and your pup might enjoy. Here is a list of our favorites. We love the Ball and Rope toy, super fun and not overpriced. We’re also big fans of antlers, and if you’ve ever bought them you know they aren’t cheap. We thought this was a pretty good deal! Of course you’ll need to order some treats from Doggy Loot, and here are our favorites- Sweet Potato Chips, mmmm. Last, but surely not least, this awesome back seat bridge. I don’t know about your pup, but Fletcher is constantly falling to the floor- well here is the perfect solution! We love it. We hope you’ll head on over to Doggy Loot and order your furry friend some fun toys or treats. We promise, it will make them love you even more than before!

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