Preppy Puppy

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.53.03 AMSo the first step to changing any problem is admittance, am I right? So I am publicly admitting that I have an addiction to buying Fletcher collars, bow ties, leashes, etc. Anything of the sort! It’s really gotten out of hand. I have ordered our Fall and Halloween ones, as well as Christmas. Yes, I said Christmas, and I know it’s not even October. BUT, I just can’t help it because they are all so adorable! Maybe you’re looking for that perfect collar, leash, bandana, or bow tie. Well, we wanted to share where we buy all of our fashion forward items. They make perfect gifts for family members with pets, neighbors, or even a gift for your own furry friend! My latest online transaction was at The Southern Pup. It’s an adorable little Etsy shop with the cutest and most fashionable finds. We ordered this one to your left for Fletch. I thought it was the perfect mix of preppy and manly- maybe that’s just me. It could be girly, but I tried my hardest to pick one that wasn’t! I thought the footballs were precious, mixed with the orange and white seersucker. It doesn’t get much more perfect than that. They have a huge variety of collars, leashes, and bow ties. It just depends on what you are looking for. I would buy them all if I could! Another pup fashion company we are crushing on is KD Lou Pet Accessories. We actually stumbled across this wonderful business on Instagram and ended up placing a huge order! The owner is very friendly and gets back to you in a very timely manner. On top of those great qualities, the selection is amazing! I love that Kd Lou has both boy and girl friendly accessories. A lot of times, it’s harder to find manly collars, leashes, etc. But not here! We love getting new treats in the mail, and cannot wait to share photos once our goodies arrive. Let’s just say Fletcher will be all decked out for Halloween and Christmas (for three years). Now if only I could find the perfect costume? Happy Friday friends!


4 thoughts on “Preppy Puppy

  1. Yes you are correct in the fact that you must admit you have an problem if you want to work on the problem…..However I do believe you will always have this problem, I don’t think there is any help.Lol But let’s look at the up side which is so wonderful….You love your baby Fletcher so all is well in the world. You go buy all the collars etc. you want. Have a good day out in Dallas…..,


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