Weekend Shenannigans

2009_05_16_Old_Town_Waterfront_1036_edited-1Are you and your furry friend looking for something new and fun to do this weekend? Maybe you just want to get out of the house, maybe out for a nice stroll, whatever it is- we’re here to help you. We’re going to give you a list of nine things you and your furry friend can do this weekend. You don’t have to live in Dallas to be able to do these things. These are just generic, fun, pet friendly activities! Enjoy. 

1. Use our favorite app, Bring Fido, and find a nice patio for dinner or drinks. 

2. With the weather being so nice, and finally feeling like Fall, pack up for the day and drive somewhere you normally wouldn’t. Maybe a new state park, or lake. 

3. Take your pup to a new pet store or boutique and so some fun shopping. Afterwards walk around all the shops and just explore. It’s nice to just be outside!

4. Pack up a picnic with your pup and your family and go enjoy a nice lunch outdoors at one of your favorite spots! 

5. If you live by a beach that is dog friendly, spend the day running and playing in the sand. (This would be our first pick.) So if you live close enough to a beach to do this, Fletcher and I are jealous. 

6. Take your dog hiking, check out the trails and paths near you! There could be some really cool places. 

7. Buy some new, fun, and healthy treats for your pup and teach them a new trick. 

8. Bake a Fall treat for your pup, and one for yourself while you’re at it. We posted a recipe a few days ago for a great Fall dog treat. Try it out!

9. Check for local outdoor concerts, there are a lot this time of year and usually they are pet friendly! 

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