Don’t Leave Me

78455703Have you ever gotten that sad and pitiful face from your pup when you’re about to head out the door? The one that says, “Mom, dad, please don’t leave me.” A lot of the times we’re able to take our furry little friends with us. But, because we have lives, sometimes they get in the way, silly life. Maybe your pup is fine being alone and enjoys the alone time. Maybe you have that dog that tears through blinds and walls when you leave him. Whatever your pups personality it is always good to know these tips for leaving your pup at home. A lot of the time we’re in a rush, and leave in a hurry. Usually leaving a tornado of a mess behind. This is like puppy heaven for your pup. So today we’re going to share a few tips on leaving your dog at home. Just a few reminders on how to be a better pet owner. Because let’s be honest, we can all improve in some way or another.

Our first tip is this; get your pet accustomed to being left alone. Make it a weekly occurrence. Don’t just expect your pup to be okay the first time. They may bark or cry, but the more they are left alone the more normal it becomes for them. Make sure it is familiar to them. Use a cute phrase when you leave like, see ya later or say bye in a super upbeat tone. This will show them that it’s not a bad thing. When you get home, the first thing you should do is greet your furry friend. They have been waiting for you since the moment you left, so spend some time with your pet and show him you missed him! Our second tip; give your pet his or her favorite chew toy or bone. Make sure it is something safe that they cannot swallow or choke on. This will keep them busy and entertained while you are away and also prevent them from chewing your belongings. Next, if you don’t want it chewed up, pick it up. That’s my philosophy. Maybe your pup doesn’t chew, and that’s great. But, a lot of pets do chew. So if you have a basket of shoes or some dirty clothes on the ground, take the time to clean those up. Remove the temptation. The next tip; make sure that your dog has water and food. If your pup doesn’t eat at the time you’re leaving, then forgo the food. However, always leave a bowl of water. This shows your furry friend that although you’re leaving, you still are caring for them! Last but not least, it’s easy to become lazy with our pets potty needs. However, this is one of the most important aspects of leaving your pet home alone. They cannot go outside by themselves, so make sure that the last thing you do when you leave the house is take you pet to the bathroom. Things will go much smoother this way!

I know that leaving your little baby at home can sometimes be a stressful situation, and we’re right there with ya. So we’re following these tips and more in order to make the experience better for Fletcher as well as myself. Just remember, practice makes perfect. So keep up the hard work and eventually your fur baby will be a pro at house sitting! Happy Tuesday friends. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook, we love new friends!


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