The Cutest You’ve Ever Seen-Weekly Feature

Brace yourself everyone! This week our feature is totally different. He’s not a doodle mix, he’s the complete opposite. We love him and his photos, and we’re pretty sure you will too! We don’t want to give to much away, so we’ll let his human tell you more about him. Here’s Riley everyone!
1. How did you and your pup come to be a pair or dynamic duo?
On the Friday after Thanksgiving (commonly known as Black Friday in the US) in 2012, my family and I drove 3 hours to upstate New York to pick up a new chicken, or so we thought. My parents had planned a surprise for me and my two sisters. We drove up a long driveway and waited for the owner of the house to come home (we were a little early). Once the owner came home, he opened the back of his truck and there sat 14 wiggly puppies… One which was Riley. As soon as I fathomed that I was, in fact, not dreaming, I felt and instant connection with Riley. I couldn’t stop smiling because I knew he would be my best friend! 
 2. How old is your pup/what breed?
Riley will turn 2 on October 8th. He is a Brittany dog– medium sized.
3. What are some of your pups favorite things to do? Feel free to include certain hang out spots, etc.
Lately, Riley’s favorite thing to do is sit at the bottom of trees and wait for a squirrel to come down. He has so much patience; waiting up to an hour without moving. When he’s not stalking squirrels, Riley loves to squeak toys and rip the squeakers out, play soccer, and play with other dogs at the dog park.
           image-7 image-6
4. How do you keep your pet active and still mange to get things done?
Although my life is extremely busy, I always make time for exercising Riley. I want him to be happy and healthy. On weekends, after a photoshoot, I take Riley for a 1-2 hour walk– usually to the dog park. During the week, I walk him as soon as I come home from school for at least a half hour before rushing to dance class or studying and doing homework. And, of course, I always squeeze in a fun play session with a soccer ball or squeaky PrideBites toys.
5. What are a few of your favorite pet products and why?
BarkBox and PrideBites paws down. BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that sends really awesome items and treats. BarkBox also donates a large percentage to shelters across the nation and has started many campaigns to find shelter dogs homes. PrideBites also giving back to the shelter dogs. For every toy sold, ProdeBites donates $1 to animal shelters and organizations that help dogs in need. The toy is durable, great for fetch, squeaks, and even floats! How cool is that?! PrideBites was named “Best Dog Toy” in 2012.
          image-3 image-2
6. If your pet could be one super hero who would it be and why?
Hmmm. I don’t know much about superheroes, but Riley is definitely my knight in furry armor. 🙂 After a stressful day, just seeing his face light up when I walk through the door is enough to make me smile. He has unconditional love for everyone he meets.
7. What are a few of your favorite things about your pet?
Once in a while I forget Riley is a dog. He acts and looks so human sometimes by the way he shows his emotions through facial expressions, and when he groans and whines when he doesn’t want to be woken up. He’s like a hairy child. I like how Riley can sense my mood. If I’m stressed, he’ll prance over with a goofy face and lick me half to death. If I’m happy, he’ll greet me with kisses before running to get his PrideBite toys. If I’m sad or tired, he’ll lay beside me. I don’t know what it is about him, but Riley encourages me to work hard, get good grades, and be more social.
8. An Extra tidbit; 
Without Riley, I don’t think I would be where I am today– happy, healthy, hardworking, and friendly. Without Riley, I wouldn’t have picked up a camera and realized how much I love photography.(@rileybeann IG)So there you have it! Isn’t Riley adorable? Also, his photos look like they belong in a magazine. Riley is on Instagram and has even more great photos! Click the link and it will take you straight to his amazing photos. We love sharing pups stories, and hope you enjoy reading them!If you know a furry friend who would like to be featured send an email to Also, check out previous weekly features here …Happy hump day friends! Stay Fluffy!


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  1. Another amazingly cute Doodle is REAGANDOODLE on Instagram. His mom is a photographer and says he will pose however she puts him if you have the right treat available! Prepare to fall in love this Doodle!!!


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