Running… how much is too much?

This post has me thinking and wondering… How much running for a dog is too much? Leave feedback please!

How much running is too much for a dog?


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3 thoughts on “Running… how much is too much?

  1. My dog is ~37lbs and I run 3-6mi regularly with her on the road and she loves it. I have done up to 13mi trail runs with her off the leash so she gets to go at her pace and she loves loves loves that, and probably ends up doing way more because she runs in and out of the woods. I think if you make sure to keep and eye on how they are doing you can much farther than 3mi. I have been running with her since she was 1 and she is over 5 now and have never had an issue. I t sort of ebbs and flows though and we run more if I am training for something.


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