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This week our feature is one of my personal favorite breeds! A golden retriever. We’re featuring Ozzie from Seattle this week. We hope you enjoy his adorable story as much as we did! 

IMG_4180 IMG_4079

1. How did you and your pup come to be a pair or dynamic duo?

Well, Ozzie and I became besties when I picked him out of the litter at age 3 weeks. He was the only one not barking and going crazy. I really wanted a laid back puppy and Ozzie turned out to be just that! When I held him he instantly nuzzled with me and cuddled. My heart melted at that moment and I knew he was mine.  Fast forward to 5 weeks later and it was the day we brought him home. He settled in nicely and has been growing ever since! My hubby and I always knew we wanted a golden retriever after growing up with them our whole lives. Ozzie was perfect from day one. He is such a mama’s boy he follows me around everywhere, listens perfectly, and cuddles with me any moment he can. He is my doggy model and he is now a sponsor for Pawpack, a monthly subscription for cats and dogs, as well as a model for multiple collar companies! Honestly Ozzie is the most perfect dog anyone could ever ask for. I call him my first born child because my life now revolves around him which is how I always wanted it to be.

2. How old is your pup/what breed?

He was born may 1st, 2014, so he is a little over 5 months. He is a Golden Retriever 🙂


3. What are some of your pups favorite things to do? Feel free to include certain hang out spots, etc.

We live in Seattle and are very much an active duo. We are always hiking and taking long walks. He just recently learned how to fetch and is amazing at it!! It is so fun to watch him learn new activities. We also go to Seward Park where he swims in the lake and gets to play in the water. Cuddling is one of our favorite things to do. He is not a hyper puppy and would rather snuggle on the couch and watch movies than go on a walk if it’s raining. My husband and I also try to take him to dog friendly locations like bars and restaurants where we can have a date night with Ozzie. We love taking him everywhere and he loves meeting people and especially kids, he loves children and is very gentle.

4. How do you keep your pet active and still mange to get things done?

This is actually been difficult and also easy at the same time. I am an active person, not a tri-athlete or anything, but I did play volleyball in college and like to stay fit. I am actually an environmental scientist and am out in the field a lot doing science stuff, so when I get home all I want to do is sit on the couch. However, my love for Ozzie overcomes the need for rest and we always do something active everyday. House work gets done eventually, but usually we wait until the weekend to do it when we have time. It will get harder when winter comes around, but we will make it work. Night walks are always relaxing for both of us.


5. What are a few of your favorite pet products and why?

Well, we love tennis balls and our Chuck It, that’s a given, but we are on instagram and are constantly trying new products from small local stores. We love our “Lupin Tug” tug toy (which I included in one of our pictures) because it’s machine washable and seahawks colors! We also love PawPack in which we get a new toy and treat each month. We have been getting a bunch of cool toys like a hemp fabric bone, a leather crinkle rhino, and a cool wool tug ring. Ozzie has so many toys to chew on, that he hasn’t destroyed anything in our house (yet).  For food, Ozzie is a spoiled pup, as he should be. He gets Taste of the Wild dry food as well as a rotating tap of wet canned food mixed in. He also gets Clover brand dental, coat, and joint supplements as well as Salmon oil with glucosamine. He also gets raw bones to chew on and a variety of treats while training. For accessories, Ozzie has about ten different collars from different companies. We have one for every occasion! Zaley Designs on etsy as well as Gingersnaps Tx and K9 Creations have awesome collars and are all well made. You can find them on instagram! We love Zaley Designs’s fabric selections and are all super high quality. Ozzie also uses the Wonder Walker harness which is made in Seattle and comes in so many colors. It helps deter pulling by clipping the leash on the front chest ring.

6. If your pet could be one super hero who would it be and why?

Captain Planet, because everyone loves Captain Planet! Ozzie is super lovable! Plus I am an environmental scientist and have always loved Captain Planet.


7. What are a few of your favorite things about your pet?

Oh man, if you haven’t gotten the picture yet, I am obsessed with my dog. Ozzie is the most lovable, friendly, loyal and charismatic puppy I have ever known. He is always wanting to be near me and cuddle with me. He can be taken anywhere and loves doing anything and everything. He is so laid back and goes with the flow. When I come home and see his tail wagging and his body wiggling out of happiness, my heart melts and I can’t imagine my life without him.

8. About the owner:

About me: My name is Amber and I am an environmental scientist and love the outdoors and playing volleyball. I love all sorts of music, but my favorite at the moment is Interpol. My hubby works at ESPN and we own a home in Seattle 🙂
We think Ozzie is completely adorable and loving keeping up with his social media! If you would like to follow him on Instagram here is the link! Thanks for reading about Ozzie and getting to know a new furry friend. We love that we get to have friends in all different places. 

4 thoughts on “Wonderful World of Oz

  1. I so agree with Ozzies mom. He is a wonderful pup and to see him makes your day a little brighter. Probably the magic power of golden dogs… but if I se Ozzie I would like to give him a kiss on his nose :o)


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