We Have Our Tails Covered

puppy-32134_640So before I got Fletcher I did not know much about insurance for pets. Come to find out, it is a real thing. Not only is it real, it is a legitimate thing and a ton of pet owners are starting to take this route! Now maybe you have that pet that has never had to go to the vet in their lives (besides for the usual shots and check ups.) Or- maybe you have “The Fletcher” as I like to call it. Fletcher is seriously the best dog I could have asked for, but when it comes to the vet we’re regulars. Nothing ever too serious, just allergies, ear infections, bumps, and bruises. It’s not that he’s unhealthy, he is just prone to allergies. Which creates a lot of issues for him. So with me being the over protective and over bearing puppy mom that I am, I had to look into pet insurance. You don’t ever want to say, “Man Fido really needs to go to the vet, but we really just can’t afford it right now.” However, sometimes you just don’t have the money. Well let me tell you this, there are pet insurance companies that seriously cover almost everything! A lot of them have terms and conditions that state they will not cover any pre existing conditions. But other than that they have an extensive list of what is covered! It’s seriously great. Also, it’s super easy to understand. We are covered by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. It’s as simple as going online, finding a plan that fits for you, and then signing up. There’s a 15 day waiting period for your insurance to kick in, but other than that it kicks in almost immediately. It’s just like human insurance. You choose a deductible and a monthly premium and then go from there! Let me add that puppy insurance is super affordable, especially if you frequent the vets office quite a bit. For Fletcher I pay $29 dollars a month and my deductible is $250 dollars. It’s great! Healthy Paws also has an app that you can download which is so helpful. You can upload your invoice straight from your phone, create a pet profile, and file claims all in one place! I’m so glad we found Healthy Paws. If you are in a place where you’re not sure what to do about your pets health, check out Healthy Paws today! You won’t be disappointed.

8 thoughts on “We Have Our Tails Covered

  1. Thanks for a very important post. Sometimes really bad things can happen and suddenly there is a vet bill what’s as high as the Mount Crumpit. A pet insurance makes sense, specially one what covers surgeries and expensive treatments. And sadly such bad things happen at the moment when you are anyway on the rocks :o(

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