What’s Yours Is Mine

salmonIf you’re anything like me and Fletcher, you share pretty much everything. Food is no exception to that rule either! Every time I’m eating a snack or making a meal Fletcher thinks that it’s his as well. I hate that look he gives me when I can’t give him any. In his mind all he’s thinking is “Hey mom that’s a treat and I get those all the time, why is this any different?” Obviously we can’t really explain that to our pups, these things are harmful, because they don’t get those in depth conversations we try and have with them; as much as we wish they would. So I’m going to share a few healthy human treats that are also healthy for your furry friend. That way next time you’re getting those sad puppy eyes, you’ll be able to share your tasty treat and not feel so guilty. These foods are also healthy add ons to your dogs daily diet. As a responsible pup owner you’re probably aware that too much of these tasty human treats can make your dog feel sick and also cause them to gain unnecessary weight. So we’re going to share a few tips with you so your pup can enjoy a new treat every now and then!

Yogurt; yogurt is a great source of calcium for your pooch. When buying yogurt for your pup make sure there are no artificial sweeteners added. Also look for a brand that contains live active bacteria. As this is healthy for your pup and can often act as a probiotic. Our next treat is Salmon. I personally love a good piece of Salmon, and if cooked properly or used in the right form your pup probably will as well! Salmon is full of fatty acids which are great for the skin and coat. Another reason we love Salmon is because there have been suggestions that Salmon can help with allergies. Which Fletcher suffers from a lot of the time! So next time you’re making Salmon, just grill up an extra one for Fido. It can be served grilled or baked; just make sure there are no spices or oils added to your pups piece. Up next is Pumpkin, and with Fall in the air what better time than now to give it a try? Pumpkin is full of fiber and Vitamin A. It can be served in treat form which a lot of feed stores sell as well as in dehydrated pieces. Green beans are a great treat for a dog who struggles with weight gain. If your dog is struggling with gaining weight try replacing some of their diet with a few green beans. Green beans are low in calories but will fill your pooch up. One simple way to serve these to your pup is frozen. Buy a big bag of uncooked green beans in the produce section, freeze them, and BAM. A nutritious new treat! Last but not least; apples. Apples are a great treat for your pup. Chop them up, add them to their food, or even use them as treats when training. They are sweet, healthy, and have a nice crunch for your pup! There are so many healthy and beneficial human foods for your dog. Research is the key! My list goes on and on, but I won’t bore you forever! If you have any questions or would like to know some other natural treats I feed Fletcher; don’t hesitate to ask! Happy Monday friends.

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9 thoughts on “What’s Yours Is Mine

  1. I loved your article, Taylor. I learned some new foods to give to my Baxter. He will probably eat anything that I give him but I only want to give him what is healthy. Thanks for the great info ❤️


  2. Great advice. I think most owners are afraid of giving human food to dogs but Bob loves, salmon, mackerel, sunflower and pumpkin seeds (which I soak and add to his dinner). He does take the law into his own paws and raids the garden, carrots, strawberries and raspberries are a few of his favorites, they don’t seem to have done him any harm as he is 12 years this year and can still chase Ellie around the garden.


  3. I love yogurt, we can use it for a lot of tasty treats and I’ve heard the one with the active bacteria is good for our bellies :o) and I’m a fan of Salmon, think I will miss fresh grilled salmon during the winter :o)


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