A Little Bit of Love

3019776218_9cfddfea31_z  We just thought this was the sweetest/cutest video we’ve seen in a while. It even made my momma cry a little bit (said Fletcher). Don’t tell anyone I told you! Hope you enjoy. If you would like to comment and tell us something your dog has taught you, we would love to read your stories! One thing that we have learned from Fletcher is how to have complete joy. Even when he’s in pain or upset, his tail is still wagging and he’s still joyful. He also has this constant smile on his face (maybe not by choice) but either way it teaches us to smile! Dogs can teach us a lot, and if we’re willing; we just might learn something valuable!


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Love

  1. thanks for sharing the video, I agree dogs can teach us a lot and I wish all people would listen and learn :o) the funeral in the video was such a sad and touching moment, I couldn’t see my screen with tears.


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