Do the Berne(Doodle)-Weekly Feature

Staley! He’s the cutest little black and white baby you ever did see! 

DSC_1072   Jersey   DSC_0786

1. How did you and your pup come to be a pair or dynamic duo?

My boyfriend and I always wanted a dog but one that would fit our lifestyle/living situation. After months of research (literally) we discovered the “bernedoodle”, a dog with all the wonderful qualities of a Bernese, the intelligence of a poodle, and the health benefits of a hybrid. We contacted a conscientious breeder and waited 9 months for Staley. When we saw pictures of the litter of 5 puppies at 3 weeks old, we knew the one that would belong to us even before the breeder told us which one was ours. We felt a connection to Staley from his pictures. His eyes were beautiful and expressive.
On the day we got Staley, we knew immediately that he was a perfect fit for us – he is so sweet and is a big goofball.

2. How old is your pup/what breed?

Staley is currently 7 months old. He is a mini Australian Bernedoodle (a cross between a mini Australian labradoodle with a Bernese mountain dog).

                 DSC_0521     DSC_0503

3. What are some of your pups favorite things to do? Feel free to include certain hang out spots, etc.
Staley is a social butterfly. He loves meeting and playing with other dogs and puppies. He also loves tug of war, chasing our cats, and chasing after toys.

4. How do you keep your pet active and still mange to get things done?
On weekends, we bring him to obedience classes to keep him mentally engaged. Additionally, we bring him to dog parks to play with other dogs, the Arnold Arboretum for long walks, or out exploring new places. On the weekdays, we take him for walks twice a day and practice his obedience commands in short sessions throughout the day. We give him chew toys during down time at home!

DSC_0400        DSC_0435

5. What are a few of your favorite pet products and why?

We subscribe to Barkbox, it is a monthly box of goodies that gets delivered to our door for our dog. We love the surprise, the convenience, and the fact that Barkbox donates to animal shelters. In addition to Barkbox, Staley loves chicken and apple sausage from Spot Farms and cow ears from Iandloveandyou company. Both companies use high quality all natural ingredients for their products.

6. If your pet could be one super hero who would it be and why?
Super hero… He is wonder dog!! Because he is wonderful! He is smart and sweet. He brings joy into our lives and helps us relax and temporarily forget about work while at home.

7. What are a few of your favorite things about your pet?
Staley is so happy and excited when we get back home – his wagging tail and his smile. He also has a sense of humor. We know this because when he does something wrong and we try to stop him, he will look at us and grin.


8. We would love to learn a little bit about the owner. So if you would like, not required, share a little bit about your passions, life, location, etc.

Both of us are graduate students doing immunological research in the Boston area. Having Staley in our lives has given us lots of joy. With him, we are out exploring new places and meeting new people. More importantly, Staley makes us feel like Boston is home for us. For me, specifically, Staley provide me an outlet to express some creativity.

Staley + Cat

We think Staley is adorable, and on top of his sweet little face; how great is that name? Staley has an instagram account and can be followed here! We love learning about new friends. If you know a furry friend that has a great story to share, email us at We would love to feature your furry friends as well! Happy Hump Day friends! 

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