Styling and Profiling

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The Golden Dood is in the process of doing some really exciting and new things! We can’t wait to share everything with you, but for now we’re keeping it a secret. One thing we can share with you; one of our favorite places to buy collars, leashes, leads, etc. Not only are they hand sewn and made to perfection, you can also choose from a huge variety of patterns and styles! I hate going to pet stores and seeing the generic red and blue collars. It’s no fun! So if you’re looking for that perfect stylish collar and matching leash; look no more! Up Country has it all. Fletcher is always sporting an Up Country collar or leash and we’ve been asked multiple times “Oh my gosh, where did you find that? It’s adorable!” So we wanted to share this awesome company with our viewers so you could enjoy them as well. Up Country can be found in some pet stores, but if you’re an avid online shopper check out their website! Convenient, quick, and the amount of collars and leashes is wonderful. Like I mentioned in previous posts, I have a slight obsession with the newest and cutest dog collars and leashes so I have to be careful when I head on over to their website. That being said, I will be ordering a holiday set very soon. A few of our favorites; the alligator set, the pheasant set for when Fletcher is feeling extremely manly, and the halloween set! We own these sets and have been more than happy with them. They are strong, durable, and do not fade easily. I would easily rate Up Country as one of my top five pet products. Happy Thursday friends.

Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know which set you like. Also, if you haven’t already; check out our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest! We love receiving new comments, likes, and suggestions! Thanks for reading The Golden Dood.

8 thoughts on “Styling and Profiling

  1. Leads? Earl ate all of the leads…he ate his own lead and then 2 of Bezial’s just to make sure that we knew that he was a Bolshevik when it came to attractive leads. We now sport 2 strands of extra tough stretchy cord that take a fair bit of “chew” before they snap and release their previous occupant on an unsuspecting world. I think I need a lead safe…


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