Celebrating In Style

DSC_0202Have you ever been to one of those adorable birthday parties that just has it all? From the cake, to the decorations, all the way to the atmosphere. Today, we’re going to share a few photos from a recent pet party we attended! Before you say it, let me just clarify that pup parties are actually real. Not only are they real, but many establishments now put them on for you; providing cake, decorations, etc. We attended a party at one of Fletcher’s friends houses! It was adorble and totally hilarious at the same time. I get it, the idea of having a party for your pet can seem kinda crazy; but once you’ve seen a dog with his paws up on a table eating his birthday cake; I’m sure you’ll be on the same page! It’s completely adorable. Now whether you have the party at your residence or decide to do it at a public place there are a few things you’ll need to know/have. Many pet stores now make homemade cakes for your furry friend! You can personalize them, pick the style, and even add cute little decorations. We all know that the birthday cake is very important, so when you’re picking out your pets cake make sure it’s a flavor they’ll enjoy, and one that is also healthy for them!

Depeding on where you live, there are places that take custom orders. So just look around and find that one place that’s perfect for you. Second, your pup and his friends are going to want to eat THE WHOLE CAKE. Do not let this happen! Our dogs aren’t used to having sweet treats like this, and even though they are completely healthy, moderation is still the key. So monitor how much your pup is chowing down on. Third, we think that party hats are totally adoralbe, some pups wear them some don’t. But party hats are always a must. When we do pup parties or pictures with props, we get all of our items from party city! They have everything you need and you can stock up while you’re there. Here is where Flethcer will be having his first birthday party. We wish we could invite you all, but pictures will have to do! The Pooch Patio is the perfect place for a pup to have a great party, but the owners get to have a little fun too! We can’t wait.

8 thoughts on “Celebrating In Style

  1. Personally, I do like inviting people and dogs over for a dog birthday, but I learned the hard way that these dog cakes are crazy expensive for how small they are. I find it better and cheaper to make a healthy “Peanut butter surprise” pupcake batch. MUCH more appropriate all the way around. Just my two cents. 😀


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