Check It Out!

125-080 pink striped moustache nylon-large-1000   125-038 reindeer nylon-large-1000

Happy Monday friends! I just wanted to remind everyone about the launch of our new website! It can be found here. We are new at this and still do not have a ton of inventory, but we think we have some adorable products. If you are in search of some cute items, check it out! Also, don’t forget that the coupon code “OPEN” expires on Friday! So take advantage and head on over to The Golden Dood today! 

8 thoughts on “Check It Out!

  1. Wish I lived in Texas, however, Florida isn’t bad.
    Do you carry Matindale collars? If you do I think a lot of people who own Greyhounds would be interested.

    Love your site!


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