Pet Shops


Considering we just opened our own little Dood Shop we are curious what you guys look for when shopping for your furry friends online? What items and accessories do you typically look at first? Whether it is toys, treats, or collars; let us know! We are looking for some feedback here! Either leave us a comment or simply take our poll down below! Happy Tuesday friends!

13 thoughts on “Pet Shops

  1. I’m a hamster owner (as I live in a flat), but my parents own a quite remarkably mad Staffy. To keep him happy they look for quality and value, and as for toys they have to be durable. Highly durable. I got him a flyaway football once and he destroyed it in seconds.


    • Yes, we are looking to add more durable toys! Some dogs do great with stuffed animals and never tear them up; others they destroy them in seconds! Variety is key. Thank you for your input!



  2. I like to see unique items that I cannot find in “big box” stores–healthy treats with interesting ingredients, little gifts for fellow human dog lovers, unusual toys, and fun “blingy” tags. Best of luck with the store! (Tried the link but it didn’t work.)


  3. I look for good food. When feeding my fur baby I want something that will nourish my pet and I don’t want chicken or other meat by product meal or wheat gluten meal in my pet’s food. Next I look for potty pads (they have helped me house train 3 pups) also crates I want one that is the appropriate size for my pet at maturity and has a divider I can use while the pup is still growing. Toys are next on my list. Every pet needs toys. Leashes and collars are next on my list. I may use a collar on my dogs only for the purpose of displaying a dog license, pet tag with my phone number, and a rabies shot tag. For dog walking I prefer a harness this prevents choking when the dog yanks on the leash. It also helps to train the dog to walk beside you or “heel”


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