Tennis Playing Doodle

Here are some recent photos we’ve taken of Fletcher. He’s been a really busy doodle, but we still make time for exercise and play. These are a few of our favorite shots!

Backseat driver   Riding dirty to the courts

Riding dirty to the tennis courts! Mom says I’m the best backseat driver there ever was. She especially likes it when I stick my big black bear nose by her head. I’m such a sneaky good.

 DSC_0435  DSC_0433

Mom says I’m the fastest runner she’s ever seen. She says it takes real talent to run that fast and still pick the ball up off the ground. What can I say, I’m a talented dood.

DSC_0459   DSC_0460

Whewww this was after I had done lots of laps around the tennis courts and I needed to take a break. Of course my mom turned it into a photo shoot. Silly moms!

DSC_0452  DSC_0461

The photo on the left was taken when I was sitting at the gate trying to get out of the fence. There were some humans playing soccer and I wanted to show them my skills. Mom and dad said NO. How rude!

DSC_0424 DSC_0473

Last but not least; I was a worn out pup and I really needed some water. So I walked over to the gate, sat down, and panted a whole lot so my humans would get the picture! Then I got to go home!

DSC_0273   DSC_0289

This is after I got plenty of water and treats. Then I was all ready to rock n’ roll again! Hope you all enjoy my photos. My momma says I have the best smile so that’s why we take lots of photos. Happy Hump Day Friends!

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