Separation Anxiety

puppy anxietyMaybe your pooch is totally fine when you leave home. Or maybe you have that pup that goes through the blinds, tears everything up, and cries consistently. Fletcher is somewhere in between those two extremes. He’s pretty accustomed to staying home alone. But with that being said, he is very socialized and properly exercised as well. Leaving your dog at home takes time to adjust to. You slowly learn what should be picked up and what can be left out. Here are some tips for leaving your dog at home, and making your life a little bit easier! #1 Make sure your dog is properly exercised.  A lot of times destruction happens because of built up energy. Whether you take your pup to exercise in the morning or after work, make time for this! #2 Leave some type of noise on for your pooch. It makes them feel as if someone is home with them. Do not leave a radio or television blaring, just leave the noise at a minimum so the dog can hear it. #3 Do not leave a dog with bad separation anxiety in a crate. This can cause the dog to panic and sometimes they can injure themselves. #4 Leave your pooch with a tasty tidbit. We love KONGS and they keep Fletcher busy for days. I put a treat in a KONG last week and he still has not gotten it out. It’s a great distraction and fills up time! #5 Last but not least, do not make hello and goodbye a huge deal with a pup that suffers from separation anxiety. This can heighten the separation anxiety and make it worse. Instead wait 10 minutes or so before giving your pup a ton of attention. Then the newness of you being home is gone, and they do not associate all the commotion with you going and coming.

Leaving your pup can be hard, but there are ways to make it stress free for you and your pup. If your pup just CANNOT stay at home; remember there is always doggy daycare or a dog walker! Both are great options. Don’t forget to head on over to our website and check out all the new products! We will be doing a contest soon, and I hope you all will participate. Happy Monday friends!

9 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

  1. My rescue Cavalier has really bad SA. I used to foster lurchers and one of them was so anxious she would destroy everything. Always have to go back to the beginning and build up trust starting with leaving for 30 seconds. I think it is one of the most stressful problems with a dog. Makes me feel so sad that dogs get that distressed 😦


  2. Good advice! We have a husky/lab who was anxiety ridden when he was young. He used to tear everything up! We found that leaving the TV on the Disney Channel kept him happy. Our newest rescue dog, however, needs to be crated when we leave. He becomes so stressed that he will pee and poop everywhere within 5 minutes of us leaving (even if all the dogs were all let out just before we leave…*and* they all pooped and peed!). He seems to settle right into his crate, though.

    Every doggie is different!


  3. Reminds me of my one kitty who seems to have a sense of time and watches in the window for my car to pull in the driveway in the evening, then dashes to greet me at the door. Although I think he spends the day taking cat naps and chasing his sister around.


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