Ollie Ollie Oop- Weekly Feature


1. How did you and your pup come to be a pair or dynamic duo?

I had been wishing to get a puppy for a very long time so after some major life changes, I finally decided it was time. I loved the Cockapoo breed because I grew up with a cocker spaniel and a poodle, so a Cockapoo was a perfect breed. One day, as I was browsing online for available puppies, I came across Ollie. The moment I saw his picture, I fell in love and could not imagine myself with another puppy. Two weeks later, he came home with me and we’ve been having a blast since!

2. How old is your pup? 

Ollie is is 6 months old.


3. What are some of your pups favorite things to do? Feel free to include certain hang out spots, etc.

He loves going on walks at the park and rolling around in the grass. He also loves playing with his toys, going on car rides while staring out the window and giving lots of kisses in the morning.

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4. How do you keep your pet active and still mange to get things done?

I’m lucky that Ollie is able to go to work with me so he gets plenty of exercise running around the office and playing with the other pups.

5. What are a few of your favorite pet products and why?

A few of my favorite pet products are treat dispenser toys, his Gooby choke-free collar, rawhide sticks and frozen bone marrow bones.


6. If your pet could be one super hero who would it be and why?

If Ollie could be a super hero, he would definitely be Superman because be has never-ending energy, can run as fast as if he’s flying, and has super dog intelligence (in my humble opinion). In fact, he even wears a Superman collar!

7. What are a few of your favorite things about your pet?

A few of my favorite things about Ollie; he is really the sweetest, most affectionate puppy but still has a little bit of a naughty side to him. He also just loves everyone and does not possess an aggressive bone in his little body. He also melts everyone’s heart with his adorable little face and never-ending kisses.


Ollie looks just like a pint sized little teddy bear! He is adorable. Thank you for sharing your pup with us. If you know a furry friend who would like to be featured, shoot us an email at thegoldendood@gmail.com. Also, don’t forget to head on over to The Dood Shop and buy your furry friend some holiday gear! They will surely be the most stylish pup on the streets.

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