Shop Till You Drop

Did you know that there are actually a ton of stores that allow your pup inside? Here is a list of 19 dog friendly stores that Fido can shop at too. These are national stores as well, so they can be found in most cities!

1. Lowe’s

2. Home Depot

3. Pottery Barn

4. Macy’s

5. Bass Pro Shop

6. Barnes and Noble

7. Lush Cosmetics

8. Restoration Hardware

9. GAP

10. Bloomingdale’s

11. Urban Outfitters

12. Anthropologie

13. Free People

14. Foot Locker

15. Bebe

16. Nordstrom

17. Old Navy

18. Saks Fifth Avenue

19. Tractor Supply Co.

If you’re wondering if one of your favorite shops is pup friendly, check it out here!

paw bag

Thanks for the list guys! Also, speaking of shopping don’t forget to check out our Dood Shop here! We are getting ready for the pawlidays and want to help you!

8 thoughts on “Shop Till You Drop

  1. hello golden dood its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow i see anthropologie is on the dog frendly list!!! dada sez he is not going to show that to mama as that wil giv her another reezon to go their!!! ha ha ok bye


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