Life Lately

As the holidays get closer and it gets darker earlier, I feel like my time has been cut in half! Life is soooo busy! But I can’t complain because we are very blessed. Here are some photos from our life recently. Mostly just Fletch!

DSC_0351    DSC_0352

Our weather in Texas is always a bit crazy. However, we’ve gone from 80 and sunny to 30 and raining! We’re chilly! So Fletch has been wearing his rain coat to stay dry and safe on our walks. That weather gets crazy out there!

DSC_0343 DSC_0342

We love this company, Animal Hearted and love what they stand for! They were so sweet and sent us some clothes to wear. The sweatshirt has come in handy with our recent arctic weather. Check out their products and see what they are about!

DSC_0383  DSC_0394

DSC_0406  DSC_0405

Fletcher especially loves his new t-shirt that says “Paws and enjoy life.” How cute and clever is that?!

We hope you are all doing well and staying warm wherever you are reading from! Don’t forget about our holiday contest! You can win a FREE matching leash and collar set from The Dood Shop! Check out our post about it for all the details and rules! We would love for you to enter.

13 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Cee-Cee has yellow raincoat very much like Fletcher’s; those hoods are a botheration, aren’t they? We need to invent a comfortable hoodie that will stay on without covering our pals’ eyes!


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