Life Lately

Wow how time flies! We can’t believe it is December 1st. It’s exciting and crazy at the same time. The saying, “time flies when your having fun,” really is true! Life has been so fun lately and extremely crazy. Crazy in a good way (as in busy and filled with blessings.) We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving full of laughter, love, and good food. We sure did! It was so fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with our good for the first time EVER. Here are some photos of what we have been up to lately.

_DSC0610   _DSC0612   _DSC0613

I love these photos of Fletcher. He looks so well behaved and proper. Which he is most of the time, but he is a puppy so he has his moments. But we still love him! This is his new Winter coat that we got him. Texas weather is so unpredictable and will go from 70 degrees and sunny to 30 and freezing the next day, so we have to be prepared!

        _DSC0589               _DSC0588

We catch him in the funniest poses! The photo on the left is Fletcher’s yoga pose, we call it the downward Fletcher.

                    _DSC0669   _DSC0639

How could anyone resist that little model? We sure can’t!

Next we celebrated Thanksgiving in Houston with my family! It was a great week filled with lots of fun, and of course we captured some great photos as well!

10509767_664500227001416_4425291582014833971_n       10459905_664500113668094_2290528489855554159_n      10151202_664500027001436_8605987288047802370_n

This is Fletcher with both of his Aunts! Auntie Hannie and Auntie Evie. He loves his family, as you can see! We have some adorable videos of him dancing to Christmas music over on our Facebook!

10410995_664499607001478_7627746642534140192_n  10410977_664499820334790_5750563890741222509_n  10801980_664499917001447_8783864093141682770_n

I love these photos! I never really get to be in the photos with Fletcher because I’m always taking the pictures of him, so it was fun to get some cute pictures on Thanksgiving. Plus he gives the best doodle hugs!

10540390_664499720334800_4794500970126067183_n 10426798_664499637001475_3455047853334788870_n

I’m that crazy lady in Target that buys puppy pajamas. But when the PJ’s have butt flaps, how can you resist? I sure couldn’t. So I cam home with a pair for Fletcher and my moms dog (Doug the Doodle who we love.) There’s nothing better than two doodles wrestling in Christmas pajamas. You can find the Pajamas here online, or in most Target stores.

1912035_664500087001430_2963916201813302667_n  1454785_664500280334744_3699691288923029341_n  1888712_664500040334768_7262448236422573637_n

I love Fletcher’s face in the photo on the left. It’s like he’s saying, “Mom get me out of here.” But we all know he loves it! He’s a cuddle bug, and totally knows what he’s doing in front of the camera.

_DSC0869 _DSC0861

As you can see, Fletcher was really excited about his November Petbox! We love getting our monthly Petbox, and you can get one for your furry friend too. Save 10% at checkout by using our code THEGOLDENDOOD.

_DSC0849 _DSC0844 _DSC0842

We started playing around with Christmas stuff last night, and turned Fletcher into our very own Christmas tree. He loves it as you can tell. We will be taking more Christmas photos very soon! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, and I’m so excited to have Fletcher this Christmas. Dogs make everything better!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we’ve been up to lately. Life gets crazy and time slips away so quickly. I’ve had very little time to write and work on the blog lately, so I apologize. But we are slowly getting back into the swing of things, that is until the next holiday comes around. Which is right around the corner! Check out The Dood Shop this week for a great holiday sale you won’t want to miss! Happy Monday friends.

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