Messy Mutts

We haven’t done a business showcase in a while! So here is a good one full of ideas for holiday gifts. If you are a pet owner, you know that sometimes life gets messy and muddy. It’s part of owning a pet, and there is nothing we can do that will make our pets not want to get dirty and have fun. But there is something we can use to help our messy mutts. Below are some answers to questions that we asked the owner of Messy Mutts. We hope you enjoy this company and will take some time to look at their products. They have some great, affordable, and stylish items that would look great under your tree! Happy Tuesday.

messy mutts 5

1. How was Messy Mutts started/ who is the Founder?

Mud, puddles (the bigger the better), more mud – these are just a few things our furry friends love. Chris and Lauren’s pooches Daisy and Davis are no different. Their favourite place is the great outdoors – unfortunately they like to bring it back inside with them too. And so, Messy Mutts was born: a new line of fashionable and functional dog care products. Chris has been designing stylish housewares for years. His eye for design is like a dog’s sense of smell. All Messy Mutts products are tastefully colourful, stylish and most importantly functional. Just ask Daisy: “Woof, Woof” or Davis: “Bark!” They sure agree.

2. What is Messy Mutts main goal?

Offering solution-based dog care products for dog lovers and their owners/homes. The Messy Mutts dog care products naturally look good in your home. Just because you have a dog, or two, or three doesn’t mean your home has to look it. You shouldn’t compromise between maintaining a chic home and wholeheartedly loving your messy mutts. It’s dog décor to drool for.

3. What is Messy Mutts biggest accomplishment thus far?

Collaborating with strong, new partners in a brand new industry in order to bring products to market.

4. How are your products different from your competitors?

Messy Mutts™ products are all function based with a fashionable and stylish approach. The intention is to add more fashion/style to parts of the home where dogs reside, such as the kitchen.

5. What do you believe to be your best selling product?

We are excited about every one of our products, serving a purpose in different forms of mess-prevention! Our Silicone Feeders (Single and Double) are our current best selling products. They are the epitome of messy mutts favourite daily messy activity: meal time. The non-slip silicone base prevents damage to your floors and holds 2 stainless steel bowls in place for your mutt. You can contain any further messes with the wide lip and raised edge border. It is made of FDA-approved food grade silicone that is BPA and PVC Free. It is available in 2 sizes (Medium = 11.8oz/bowl and Extra Large = 47.3oz/bowl) and in 4 colours (Red, Blue, Green and Gray) as a Single or Double Feeder.

messy mutts 1

6. What is one thing has helped you build your brand/business?

Passion. Passion for our pets and finding others with that same passion so as to advance our message and be able to share these helpful and essential items that will truly change lifestyles.

7. If you could tell viewers one thing about Messy Mutts, what would that be?

Embrace the mess. As it is part of daily life in a dog’s and dog owner’s world, we’re better off accepting it and responding with the appropriate knowledge and tools.

           messy muttts 4             messy mutts 2

We love this company and their stylish products! I will definitely be buying some of their awesome absorbent towels for bath time with Fletcher. We hope you enjoy these products! Check out everything Messy Mutts has to offer at their website!

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