Santa Paws

The Golden DoodI’m probably one of the top ranked when it comes to being obsessed with Christmas. Right up there with Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I hope you all know what I’m referencing. If not, you must watch that movie this Christmas season. Anyway, I love Christmas and all that it entails. Jesus Birthday, the lights, the colors and the scents, and especially the decorations. If it were up to me I would leave my Christmas decorations up year round. But for some reason that’s socially unacceptable, so for now I’ll just have to embrace the month of Christmas I do get! Another part of Christmas that I thoroughly enjoy is the shopping. Searching and searching for those perfect gifts, and then when you find them you feel so accomplished! I could go on and on about everything I love regarding Christmas. However, this Christmas is a little different for me. I have my own dog! I grew up with dogs and we always include them in the Christmas celebrations. They have a stocking full of goodies and partake in family Christmas photos. So believe me when I say, I am SO excited for my first Christmas with Fletcher. Now that being said, I will probably go a little overboard when it comes to gifts and goodies, but I’m going to try my best to not let that happen. So today I want to share a few of my must have items for my pet this holiday season! These items range from over $100 dollars to as low as $10 dollars. There is something for everyone!

#1. The iCPooch. This is on the top of my list this year. This gift may not be for you, but I spend a lot of time away from Fletcher. So being able to interact with him and give him treats while i’m away would be amazing for me. This is all controlled through your phone and home wifi. I think this is a great item!

#2. Rope Bulb Dog toy. I’m loving this item as well! And this one is priced super low. If you’re looking for some great priced stocking stuffers for your pet, look no further than Target! And how cute is this toy? I will definitely be making a trip to Target in the next few days!

#3. Harry Barker Dog Beds. I couldn’t just choose one to link, so I linked the whole page! These beds are so stylish and come in such variety. I’m in the market for a new bed since my little devil decided to tear his up. Which one is your favorite? We can’t decide!

#4. Harry Barker Festive Toy Bin. This is just one of many! You can personalize your buckets or choose one that is pre made. I love that these have a variety of items in them. They range in price as well, so it all depends on what you’re looking for. This would be a great gift for your pet, or even for a friend who loves their pet!

#5. Striped Ball Set. You can never have too many tennis balls, and these are completely adorable and stylish! Also they are priced great as well. We love everything that Harry Barker has to offer. Everything they make is stylish, durable, and affordable. Check out their website today!

#6. Stashing Through The Snow set. Whether you’re looking for holiday leashes and collars, or just an all year set; we have them all at The Dood Shop. Plus right now you can get up to 40% off your purchases! This deal will only be valid till December 5th, so take advantage and do some holiday shopping!

I hope this list got you in the spirit to start your Christmas shopping! I could go on and on with adorable items, but that should get you started. All websites I listed are full of adorable gifts. So head on over to the websites and browse around! I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your style. Happy Holidays friends!

               The Golden Dood          The Golden Dood

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